First large-scale Application and Market introduction of a new Organic Substrate enriched with beneficial fungi

Project n°: 332767
Start date: September 2013
End date: February 2016
Project duration: 30 months

Project partners:

ALMOST: What is it ?

The project is aimed to result in an enriched compost which is an ecologically feasible peatless substrate, providing an alternative for the peat-based substrates currently used in plant nurseries and soilless agriculture, considered ecologically undesirable. The substrate can also be used as organic amendment in intensive soil agriculture thanks to its bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide and bio-stimulant effects. This project seeks being the first large-scale application of a natural bio-substrate, based in composted grapevine pruning residues and enriched with specific microorganisms (fungi) through a patented process.

Why this project?
  • Increasing demand of substrates for soilless production
  • Most substrates used in horticulture are made from peat, contributing to environmental damage
  • Providing beneficial microoragnisms in substrates to improve the nutrition and health of plants
  • Need of bio-amendment to overcome the decrease of soil fertility due to the massive use of chemicals
Interests of the project :
1. Main environmental benefits of the process:
  • Enhancing pruning vine residues which are now considered as waste and are burned (pollution)
  • Reducing the use of non-renewable resources such as peat, widely used today as substrate in horticulture
  • Reduction of the inputs of environmentally damaging agrochemical pesticides
2. Saving time of effective work in the vineyard
3. No costs supported by growers for collecting pruning waste
4. New substrate enriched with beneficial fungi

Needs of the project :

- Seeking professionals for testing substrate in horticulture