Microbial technology application via seed coating for sustainable plant cultivation

Supported by: BPI FRANCE
Project n°: E!8275
Start date: December 2013
End date: December 2016
Project duration: 36 months


Project partners :

MICROCOAT: What is it ?

The aim of the European project "MICROCOAT" is to develop a seed coating formulation containing beneficial microorganisms for growth and health of plants to sustain agriculture and horticulture.

Why this project ?
  • Need of biological alternatives to chemicals for eco-friendly production
  • Need of sustainable solutions to overcome the decrease of soil fertility due to the massive use of chemicals
  • Providing beneficial microoragnisms in culture system to improve the nutrition and health of plants
  • Soil problems have negative consequences on production, water protection and food security
Interests of the project :
  • Developing new products and new application methods for introducing beneficial microorganisms in agriculture and horticulture
  • Innovative applications in order to restore and maintain soil fertility / crop systems
  • Reducing the use of fertilizers / pesticides in agriculture and horticulture
  • Widespreading the use of these micro-organisms via seed coating (simplified use)
Needs of the project :

- Seeking professionals for testing coated seeds in horticulture/Agricluture.