The range SCIENCEplus is a collection of in vitro and in vivo well caracterised strains of mycorrhizal fungi.

This collection is intended for professionals in Research and Development laboratories who wish to obtain spores of mycorrhizal fungi to carry out their work (basic and / or applied).

The strains are provided depending on the amount requested and with their "identity card".


Maintaining our strains by specialists of mycorrhiza is a guarantee for highest purity, authenticity and stability.

We have implemented a traceability of our strains, with molecular markers. This approach provides a certification required for R & D.

In addition

You want a customized service?

The service provided is tailor-made, fast and customizable as needed. With our database of strains, you just give us the reference and the desired amount of spores; we take care to satisfy your request as soon as possible.


You want to multiply a strain for your work which is not in our database?

Call INOCULUMplus. Our professionals are competent and efficient in the characterization and the multiplication of mycorrhizal fungi.

Our laboratory puts all its expertise at your service to satisfy you and dispense you with a job that demands a significant amount of attention and time.


You want to keep a strain?

We can also maintain strains with which you work or you want to keep for an indefinite period.