Consultancy and advices

INOCULUMplus an advisory service for optimal exploitation of mycorrhiza.


As a consequence of society’s expectation and the establishment of innovative politics (Ecophyto 2018, revisions of the PAC 2013 ...), Agriculture is moving towards eco-friendly practicies. These new policies target the protection of the environment by reducing synthetic chemical inputs, and mycorrhiza constitutes an alternative and biological value for producers.

However, replacing chemicals inputs which are easy to use with biological tools raises questions from the buyers on the suitability of mycorrhizal products for optimal results. That’s why INOCULUMplus has set up an advisory service for clients as an expression of our commitment to contribute to a greener and healthier environment for your plants and you.


Analysis of the mycorrhizal potential of soils is made by our laboratory. This link with the physico-chemical analysis of soil allows us to provide the adapted mycorrhizal treatment to give you the greatest satisfaction.

We offer personalized support to ensure you the best of our skills and our professionalism.